30 minute Solo Walks

Puppy Visits

30 minute Training Walks

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Dog Walking


1 hour Group Walks

Every day, photos of your dogs enjoying their walks will be uploaded to our Facebook page, check it out here!

On my first visit I will come to your house and meet you and your dog, discuss your needs and go for a walk so I can see what is normal for your dog when out and about. This allows me to recognise if you're dog is unhappy or unwell on our first few walks while I am getting to know them. We will then fill in the relevant paperwork and a key can be handed over and your dogs fun can start! 
My service is here for you to use whenever you need it, whether it be daily walks or more occasional. I tailor walks to suit your dog and all walks are kept varied to keep your dogs stimulated. All include a walk, playtime, drying and a water change back at home​

For those dogs who need special attention paying to training in one or more areas such as heelwork or reactivity. Your dogs needs will be discussed in detail before the walks begin and you will be kept updated with all training progress. 
Solo Training walk 30 mins £22​

To help your new puppy settle in to a routine and keep them company during the day, we offer puppy house visits. These help the puppy develop a relationship with me before they start coming on walks with me. I will have playtime with the pup as well as toilet breaks and feeding (if needed.) I can also carry the pup out to help start their socialisation
Puppy visit 30 mins £14
Twice daily puppy visit £25
Puppy's settling in package (2 x 30min visits a day)
£100 a week (Monday - Friday) 

For those dogs who enjoy walks with furry friends. The dogs are transported in individual state of the art fitted cages to keep them safe and secure on their journey to and from walkies.
1 hour group walk £14
Additional dog in same household £8

For those dogs who need help with their socialisation or prefer human company, I offer solo walks. Your dog will be walked alone with no other dogs. Walks will be on lead until I am confident with dogs recall and dogs will only be let off lead in secure and safe areas
Solo walk 30 mins £18